Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Taking an idea from Jo-Lynne @ Musings of a Housewife this afternoon and completing a meme.

6 Unimportant Things that Make Me Happy

1. A glass of ice cold water in the morning with my cereal.
First thing in the morning with my cereal (I eat it dry w/ no milk), nothing is more satisfying.

2. A clutter-free living room.
This room is the "dump zone" for all things in our life, it seems. To be able to walk in to a clutter-free living room, I feel like I can actually sit and relax in the room, whether it's with a book or on the laptop.

3. A new purse or tote.
Need I explain more?

4. Having a plan for dinner.
Most days are planned out, but at those "in between" shopping trip/payday weeks, I think that we'll have leftovers, but we don't and so the fridge is bare. I do not like cooking, so being creative is not "fun" to me.

5. Having an extra dollar or two in my wallet to pick up a surprise for my daughter or hubby.
This could be surprise milkshakes on the way home from school with my daughter or a redbox rental for me and my hubby at night.

6. A good night's sleep.
With this pregnancy, I haven't been sleeping the best, so a night without tossing is sure to make my day better.

How about you? Be sure to leave your link in a comment if you post your list!

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