Tuesday, August 18, 2009

but sugar is my friend!

Got a lovely phone call today... my levels from the initial glucose test are "elevated." Now I have to go back for the three hour test. Ugh. I haven't had to go through this yet. My other pregnancies showed normal levels and there was no possibility of gestational diabetes. Now I know I'm older with this one and have technically crossed into my "30's" but seriously. Surely my age is not a factor. I haven't done much research about gestational diabetes, so I don't know anything about markers or risks for it or anything. Honestly, I don't want to "borrow trouble" and worry about it until we cross that bridge. My test isn't until next Thursday. So, til then I will just take it day by day and continue to eat carbs and sugar! :) What's ridiculous is how I feel baby move and wonder if it's different than the last two, as if I should feel something different were I to have gestational diabetes.
Other pregnancy news... I get another ultrasound (finally!) at my next appointment. I'll be just-about thirty weeks and then will begin the nonstress tests twice weekly beginning at thirty two weeks. I am sooo ready to see this little guy again. I want confirmation with my eyes that my fluid levels are right on, that he is doing well, growing, all organs functioning, etc. At this point, baby is about 2 lbs and swallowing/processing fluid through his system (or so the books say). I praise God for bringing us to this point and continuing to guide me through the ups and downs, but I find myself asking Him for patience these days. Should I have the diabetes, I know these last months will be so unbelievably hard and long.

I find myself where Jadon Lavik sings:
"Comforter, provider, protector, friend. Here I am again, asking for your mighty hand to lead me once again." (song: "Just Like You")

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