Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday - grocery price book

To do: make a "price book" or list of grocery items along with the lowest price I've paid and where I bought the item

Why? to keep track of what a "good deal" is, to compare prices as I shop or as I look through the grocery ads making my grocery list

Outcome: done! I had saved up several months of receipts. It was so incredibly interesting (and sad at times) to see the difference in prices I had paid at different stores. I'm now more aware of which store carries the best prices on my most-purchased items.

I'm not sure how to attach the actual document, so to fill in the details... my columns are titled: "item," "brand," "price," "store," "date," and "sale/coupon?."
I then have my items broken out by sections: "dry goods," "cold foods," "frozen," "beverages," "breads," "produce," "health/beauty."

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GroceryHop said...

Mrs. H-

We created a free grocery price book website that helps users track grocery unit prices paid by item and also shows which items have increased in unit price and units purchased. The website handles all the math and grocery item organization. Among the features of the website are:

1). A grocery list that shows the lowest unit price paid to facilitate comparison between the current store unit price and previous unit prices paid. Very helpful at the store!

2). Analysis on spending trends to provide a list of grocery items where unit prices have increased and total units purchased have increased, among other areas. Helpful at home for figuring out where to cut costs and why the bill is increasing.

3). Item detail and trend analysis for additional detail.

The site is groceryhop.com

We also have our grocery price book online for all to see. Please let us know what you think!