Saturday, June 13, 2009


How can just one week out of school feel like so much longer? We attended a friend's dance recital tonight, that was held at Lynn's school. While we were there we saw Lynn's kindergarten teacher and a few friends from class this year. You would've thought they hadn't seen each other in months. It was so adorable! My normally "I'm gonna play it cool/shy/obnoxious and not acknowledge my friend's gushing hello" was all about the hugs and going up to see her friends tonight. I've got to set up some playdates with them this summer!
What about you - any goals for the summer? How many playdates per week? We have only one family on our street with children Lynn's age, otherwise I have to intentionally set up playtimes with her other friends in order for her to have some friend-to-friend contact. I know this is so important for her, so I want to make it a priority for her to have a friend over/meet at the park/etc. at least one day a week. We really are traveling a bunch this summer, so visiting friends and family on these trips will be great as well.
What do you do to keep up the social interaction for your child/children during the summer?

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