Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday run-down

Breathing... in the fresh air from open windows. It's a little cooler this morning and we decided to open up for a few hours. Gotta find that moment to shut them when it starts to switch from fresh air to hot air :)

Enjoying... the silence. We had two dogs in our house and two extra people all weekend. The two dogs were enough to push me over. I'm a dog person, but not as tolerant of dog "stuff" (i.e. accidents, hair, barking, attachment problems with one particular dog we were sitting) when I'm not used to having one in my house all the time.

Importing... pics from this weekend. Hubs rode in a road bike ride: the Tour de Youth. Money raised supported a youth group. Pretty neat idea.

Needing... to work on my paperwork. It's my last week at this job - the work just ran out. I'll miss the income, but selfishly looking forward to not having to work. Not sure I'll still be saying that when I pay next month's bills though...

Thinking... about the rest of this week. Lynn's done with school after a half-day on Wednesday. I need to kick it in gear and keep her brain moving this summer. I need to come up with some ideas to keep her active, in mind and body. JMom posted about the very same thing and recommended this site for ideas. Anyone have any others?

Wondering... why the neighborhood stray cats like to hide behind my bushes out front. I guess it's cool back there. Plus, they must know we don't have a dog. Where were they this weekend when we did have one to scare them away?

Watching... the wind blow our American flag out front. Feeling very patriotic this morning. So many things I take for granted by living in America, even with crazy politics going on this morning. GM=government motors now, hm?

Debating... what next to eat. I think it's time for breakfast number 2 this morning. Baby is already on a two-hour eating schedule. Even now in the second trimester, I still gotta eat.

Signing off... hope you had a great weekend!

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