Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dusting off the 'ole Knifty Knitter today. I have the set of rounds. When I first got it, I played around with the middle-sized round loom, practicing the stitch listed in the book. What formed was a very very loose hat, which my daughter has humored me and actually worn once or twice (back in the fall). Well, with baby on the brain (& in the belly), I bought some new yarn (pink, as that's my guess!) and thought that today's rainy, overcast weather made for a great indoor project day. My goal was to find info on a different stitch to try to achieve a more usable baby hat. Searching the net brought up a wealth of information on how to use the round looms. I thought I'd pass along one gal's site, which even includes written tutorials and videos on all the basics! If you're interested in learning more about knitting, including the knifty knitter set, you've got to check out Purling Sprite. I'll have to post a picture of my baby hat when I'm done. As I tend to flit from one project to the next, I'm not promising it will be by this weekend or anything :) And, I suppose if my gender ultrasound in two weeks winds up "boy" I'll be gifting this pink hat to a friend. :)

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