Monday, May 11, 2009

warm baby legs

Another product I forgot to mention in last week's post ~ Baby Legs! I originally heard about these through MckMama's blog, but have found them for sale at Mom4Life. Aren't they cute? Wow, I'm going to like having a winter baby! :) Even if I don't try these out til he/she's a year old the following year, can't you just picture cute little chubby baby legs learning to walk in these things? Too cute! Here's a link to the product.

p.s. Check out the "Mother Load" giveaway here.


Anonymous said...

We love our baby legs too :) I only have 1 very well loved pair of argyle ones. I liked them for when he was under a year and had bad diaper rash from teething and he needed to "air out" so we just left some baby legs and a tee shirt on him. They are great for when they start crawling too to add some extra padding so those little knees don't get as sore. They are also great for in between seasons for an extra layer or cute under shorts. And the original reason they were made, is for babywearing :) So when their legs are dangling out of a carrier and their pants get all hiked up it keeps their legs warm.

Great product! You will enjoy using them with your precious little one, and if it's a girl, oh I could just imagine how darn cute they would look under skirts and dresses! Cute with just a onesie too.

HDMac said...

Those are great! Great if you go camping or picnicing also for the evenings that can really cool down around here. :)