Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What a weekend. What a great God we have. Remembering all the "lasts" and spending many reflective, sad moments last week... led us to Nathan's actual birthday, Sunday, when we were able to truly relax and love on each other as a family.
Sunday ended up really just being a "celebration" of his short life inside me and praise for God's greatness this past year for our family. My husband, unbelievably, surprisingly, sweetly, had a present waiting on the table for me in the morning. A present of the jewelry variety :)
As I sleepily walked out in my robe to find something to quench my immediate morning hunger, I found a small, wrapped present in my spot at the table. He bought me an anniversary band, despite it not being our anniversary (I love surprise presents ~ can we see my love language is 'gifts' ~ and the fact that it wasn't "cliche" was even sweeter and more delightful). The band was given as a celebration of what God has done in our 8 1/2 years of marriage - drawing us closer together through our tragedies, most significant being our son's loss last year. He said lots of other mushy things as well :)
Being Sunday, we went to church. And, being Graduation Recognition Sunday, we weren't able to spend it together in worship. However, we set up for the high school graduates lunch (& then attended it). It was a late afternoon, which was tiring, but by 3p we were home and in sweats :) We watched a movie together as a family, had a low-key late dinner, and just relaxed. It was rainy outside, so we weren't able to do anything outdoors together, but everything worked out well. We talked to family, looked over cards that friends had given us and spent some time dreaming about our future baby and how Nathan still fits into our family. Lynn told me that she's excited that she'll be a big sister for the "second time" and that I'll be a mommy of three. Nathan is still very much present in mind for her and that warms my heart so much.
I'll close this post with a picture from Nathan's tree that we planted last fall. The leaves have taken on a pinkish tint around the edges. Beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww this made me cry! How sweet of your husband, I agree surprise like that are the best, when they're not expected.