Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Update: baby girl is fine. E had a 3d ultrasound and any abnormalities were ruled out. Thank you for prayer!

I have a hurting heart this morning.
If you would keep a dear friend in prayer for me today... at her 20 week "gender" ultrasound yesterday she just found out that she lost one of her two babies she was carrying. I'm not sure of many details like how long ago he/she died or whether it was a boy or girl, but I do understand the grief she must be feeling. To dream of twins, to start rearranging your life for the big change, then to lose one halfway there with no warning. On top of that devastating news, her remaining child (a girl) has a "marker" for down syndrome. Again, not sure of the details, but her hubby either said an enlarged ventricle in the heart or something enlarged in the brain that leads them to believe she might have downs. I imagine this must be hard as well. To find out your remaining child might possibly have this condition. While down syndrome children bring such a special addition to a family (I have a friend with a ds child), it is a strain on the family, especially when you're still pregnant, have no idea what this means and don't know how to plan or what to think. With my Lynn, we had a false positive for down syndrome during a blood test during my pregnancy. It was a stressful 24 hrs. before the ultrasound ruled it out. I didn't know what to think. I was very scared and confused.
This family has a three year old little boy already. I know they had put their house on the market and, if I know E, she had already bought some adorable "twin" things. This is, like all losses are, a hit.
If you would also pray that the Lord would give me the words to say (or not say) when we talk. I'm planning on calling her this afternoon to extend my sympathies and to give her an ear. (They live about 4 hrs away).
Thank you.


HDMac said...

I will be praying for this dear family.

Anonymous said...

Praise God he is able to use your difficult circumstances to reach out to someone else in such a rocky time.