Thursday, May 7, 2009

baby wearing?

I have been surfing around, ready to try some new products when this kiddo arrives. I've been looking at my blog friend, Heather's site: I am very interested in trying a wrap to carry the baby in vs. a traditional carrier like Bjorn, etc. I don't want a sling, so after reading different internet research, I think I've narrowed it down to a product such as the Moby Wrap. I've tried a friend's (different brand, same style) and carried her 3 mo. old in it and I like the feel of it. I wasn't sure how the whole wrap idea would work, but it doesn't seem like it'd be difficult once you do it a few times. I considered this product when I was pregnant with Nathan, but was afraid it'd be too hot with a summer baby. Now, with this one due in November, I don't have that problem, at least not at first. I realize that any carrier will be warm, as it means extra layers and ultimately, the extra weight of the child. Anyone have any experience with this type product? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

By the way, Mom4Life's running a "Mother Load" contest all the month of May. View details here.


Anonymous said...

I'm ridiculously obsessed with baby wearing. All my friends and family know me for it :) The best site for this topic is The forums are great and you can buy and sell used carriers and it's a very active with usually 100 carriers/ day up for sale.

The moby is an EXCELLENT newborn carrier and great for the time of year, it is also very inexpensive for a non traditional baby carrier. You probably won't love it anymore come spring as the stretchiness isn't supportive enough for bigger babies and it would get a little hot. If you love wrapping at that point, some much lighter weight wraps that are AMAZING are
If you are still into babywearing with an older baby and toddler there is a whole amazing world of options out there. The great thing is you can easily sell something that wasn't working for you, or for that age of baby, and get something that will be great for the next phase. I have some recent babywearing pictures with my 12 month old here:

fun stuff, I'm glad you are dreaming about this :)

Mrs. H said...

Great info & sites - thanks!

Sunshine Mama said...

i've never tried a moby carrier, but I like your tree bark picture and your roses profile picture. I'm sorry about your losses.