Friday, April 17, 2009

spanning the miles

Marcia over at HDMac's Crafty Blog posted about friendship earlier this week which got me to thinking about my best gal friend out in MO. (I abbreviated that b/c I don't know that I know how to spell Missouri - shew, there we go - thanks spell check). ;) Anyways, we had a blast together during our hubby's seminary years. We both had our first children while living across the apt. complex from each other. We went to Wally World together, baby shopping together, and would call and have spur of the moment family potluck dinners together. Man, I loved those days and didn't stop to treasure them as much as I should have then, as I do the memories of them today. It's been over a year since we last saw each other in person, as we live some 850 miles apart. She and her family trekked it east to visit last time, so it's about time I get out there and see another part of the country :) We've been planning a June get together, as she's due with #3 in a few weeks. I can get me some baby-love as well as some best friend-love all at once. I've been looking up flights. Southwest seems to be the easy way to go. Most of the times I've flown, it's been Southwest. I really really appreciate their early boarding for families with children. I've had nothing but great experiences with them. Looks like I'll have to switch flights in Chicago though. I've never layed over there. Not too long of a layover though. Just about an hour both times, so that'll work for me and Lynn. Both our hubbies will be gone part of the week we're looking to go, so we'll just have a big ole girl fest. Her and her 3 girlies and me and my one (or maybe two, girls?) Watch out chocolate! :) Friendship that spans miles is a true gift from the Lord. Missouri, here I come!

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HDMac said...

OH!!! That will be so much fun! Friendships are such a gift and and God knew we would need them! :)I gave Pam a call again this morning and soon we will have our get together... We need to cherish time with one another because, we never do know how long we will have them! Every moment is special! Looking forward to hearing about your fun time together in the future!

hugs and blessings,