Thursday, April 30, 2009

another list

Silent. I've been silent this past week on paper, but not in heart and action. So much has been going on. Here's a quick rundown...

Soaking... up the sun outside. It's been beautiful and Lynn's been out each afternoon running through the sprinkler or splashing in her kid pool. I've kicked back with a book. I think it's going to be cloudy today - no water play this afternoon unless it rains ;)

Feeling... bigger. Packed up my winter clothes and pulled down maternity boxes. I'm wearing maternity pants right now. Ahh... room to expand.

Emailing... a mom who has lost twin sons. She is local and once I'd heard her story, God has not taken her off of my heart.

Re-asking you... a thought posed by Perry Noble from a recent message I heard via itunes: "We confuse conversation with relationship." Do you know Jesus personally or have you just talked at Him once and think that's enough?

Shaking... my head over my kiddo's slow mornings. Today I gave her three outfits to choose from and she "didn't like the colors" of the pants I laid out. Oh watch out teenage days!

Wishing... (materialistically) that my living room was just a little bit bigger.

Looking forward... to my next dr's appt. (in 2 wks) to hear little one's heartbeat again. Oh how the time crawls :)

Wondering... how I'm going to pare down Lynn's things (toys) in her room, as we'll have to move her desk in from the art room once we start making it the baby's room.

Ready... to start moving things to make the art room the baby's room. I'm really determined to go ahead and let myself dream with this baby. It might hurt more in the end, but really by dreaming of it, I'm acknowledging its existence and celebrating its life each day I can.

Thankful... that my hubby takes my daughter to school in the mornings. It is such a gift to me!

Not ready... to get to work, but I must. Have a great rest of the week - it's almost friday!

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Matthew said...

i am glad that you like me taking her to school. I did not know that you enjoyed it that much.
your DH