Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday rundown

Feeling... a little sunburned from my time in the (glorious!) sunshine today. I sat outside for about an hour reading. 70something degrees today - gorgeous!
Thinking... about the options of tv consoles that we shopped around for today. We didn't find one that we had to have, but at least know what's out there and the prices. (Of course the prices are above what we've set aside to spend).
Wondering... what we'll do with the trunk & bed tray that our tv is currently rigged up on when we do finally buy a new stand.
Finding... it humorous that me, my hubby, and father in law are all "watching" tv as we type on our laptops.
Amazed... at the fourteen year old boy that is debating politics on Huckabee.
Trying to remember... to set the clocks forward tonight!
Hoping... I can get a quick OB appointment this week. I'm still not sure what's up! Negative p-test, but no cycle. Hm...?
... for Monday, my 30th birthday! Hubby will be making dinner and dessert - yum! I'll have to post the "Ribbon Pie" recipe on Monday - it is delicious!

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Lisa writes... said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! I'll be looking for that pie recipe!