Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday - house plants

My goal is to repot a few plants, for their benefit & mine, I'm hoping. My poor plant (I forget what it's called!) needs more humidity and a small pot, according to my houseplant book. It is going brown at the tips, big time. So, although this seems crazy... I put it in a pot with great drainage holes in the bottom and placed it in my shower! We have a garden tub, so there is plenty of room. It should not get direct water spray, just lots of mist and humidity. So far my hubby hasn't called me "weird" or anything, so I guess he's game to trying it. :)

The next repot was simply so that I could have the pot to plant the above plant into. I did switch it out into a pot that's orange, though, to go with my accent color in the bedroom. I kept it in a smaller pot because I like how the babies sprout off when it gets root-bound. Here's a before and after:
I also freshened up several other plants by scraping off the top layer of soil and mixing in some fresh potting soil. I am not the best when it comes to regularly fertilizing, so this should help to add some fresh nutrients to their soil.
I have a bunch of houseplants around my home. I love the look and the benefit of natural air purifiers :)


Susie said...

What a great gardening tackle!!

Bonnie said...

Great tackle. I am so lazy about keeping up my plants too though I love to garden ...it's just finding the time!

thanks for inspiring me.

Trish said...

My mom always had lots of plants, but I am hopeless with them. Yours look great!

Thanks for your comment on my tackle today. :)

itsahumanzoo said...

Great tackle! I love having plants around, but I can't keep them alive!