Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I should've added birds for "B."
I was driving home from the gym this morning and wish I had my camera. I so would've pulled over to try and capture this flock of geese in flight. Have you ever thought about about what that must feel like? I could almost close my eyes and feel the wind across my face and the absence of anything nearby to inhibit my movement. To be graceful and just soar across the open skies. Ahhh... I guess my closest experience to that would be zip-lining (while on a retreat with our youth). That was a great time - sort of like a bird, I suppose. Flying through the air, arms free, feet free, just "soaring through the air." Not quite as graceful, though :) The way the flock moved up and down, left and right, depending on the air pockets (I guess?) just makes them look all the more graceful and free. How neat. What a fun daydream. What's on your mind this morning?

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