Thursday, February 26, 2009

NYMC & more

Big weekend ahead, for so many reasons. I'm heading to the National Youth Ministry Conference in Ohio. We haven't driven that far west before (although I've flown to NV). I'm really looking forward to it... time with my hubby (alone!), time for refreshment, time for mingling with fellow youth ministry crazies like us, worshiping through corporate prayer, music and preaching... ahhh... I am so ready! Lynn will be taken care of wonderfully by some family and friends, so now it's just that last minute packing and trying to think about absolutely every little detail that needs to be handled for a five day trip for three people in two different directions! I finished my work for the week (that was a huge stress in the way) so now it's off to the bank and Walmart for snacks, travel-sized toothpaste, and well, maybe a pregnancy test to throw in for good measure. I am due to start this weekend as well. Yikes! So, it's ok, I'm totally lifting this one up (well, most of time, but I do have my "freak out" moments of "what if!? maybe?!") So... I'll either be pms'ing, in pain from cramps, or preggo. What a weekend. ;) I would appreciate your prayers. I know I'll be a range of emotions - because of just being stretched and refreshed at the conference, because of being hormonal (one way or the other) and being like four/five? states away from home. Thank you, readers, I appreciate your support and always treasure your comments and stories that you share back with me in response. If any of you are going to the conference, please leave a comment or email me. I've never been and would have fun connecting with you there.

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