Tuesday, December 9, 2008

nothing time

Simplemom posted about having "nothing time." Some days that word phrase is a complete oxymoron for me. My time is so filled that the only "nothing" about it is feeling that I got "nothing" done at home b/c I was working, running errands, etc. :)
I felt so overwhelmed last week with all that was going on that when I looked at my list on Saturday, I had more to add to it than the amount of things I was able to cross off! I just wanted to be selfish and use Saturday for "nothing time," as simplemom calls it, and not to have to finish anything else on my to-do list. But, I worked two days out of the house as well as my 10-hr/week at-home job that I had a big list left. Er. Where's the balance! (I know, that's the age-old woman/mom question, isn't it!)

So, what do you do in your "nothing time"?
Here are a few of simplemom's ideas (with my additions in parenthesis):

• call an old friend, and just catch up - and don’t do anything else while you’re on the phone (LOL - I just talked to my best friend this afternoon and folded laundry, changed the sheets on my bed, and trimmed my nails while chatting!)

• read an enjoyable book you’ve been meaning to read (I really like to read, so for me I'd like to drop everything a read, all the time!)

• take a bubble bath after the kids are in bed

• watch a movie with your spouse, and don’t work on anything else

• grab coffee with a girlfriend

• read some blogs (I'm sooo behind on my Google reader - so many good blogs out there and so little time!)

My goal for this week is to manage my work/chore time that I can have some "nothing time" by Saturday. :)

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shopannies said...

thanks for visiting my blog and yes nothing time is spent talking to my daughter on the phone. She has a 3 month old and because she lives away from me I miss her and we talk about the baby