Friday, December 19, 2008

hope the couch isn't lumpy

I am getting so old. When the word sleepover conjures up images of backaches, tired mornings, and chugging caffeine to stay awake, I know I'm getting "up in years." :) Yes, tonight I am having a sleepover for my small group of girls. My co-leader is actually hosting, so I call the couch, I guess. I am so excited. (Can't you just hear my sarcasm?) Forgive me for using y'all, but I just had to whine to somebody about it. My co-leader is actually excited about it (but then she's five years younger than me) so I get no sympathy from her. :) So, wish me well... movies, snacks, candy, games, pizza, nail polish and staying up all night.... zzzzzzz...

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