Monday, December 1, 2008

foggy memories

I'm so afraid I'm going to forget him. He already seems like a dream. I have the radio on now tuned in to my local Christian station and hear a song that takes me back to the day I drove home without my baby son. The next song is on and it's a song that I sung to him as I rocked him the one and only day I had to hold my little child. I look through a photo album of pictures from May 24th 2008 and can't even remember it all happening, although I know it did. God's grace has brought me further and further from that day with His love and guidance, but the longer I go, the more I forget. It's almost scary in a way. I'm so thankful that I am excited about the future and am looking that way and not held in the past by the grip of grief, yet I don't want to forget the part of me that is no longer here.

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