Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I saw this on my hike during our time away in the mountains a couple of weeks ago. Cotton! "The fabric of our lives." (Are they still using that slogan?) Anyways, I thought it turned out neat.


HDMac said...

That did turn out neat.... seasons of our lives.... there is beauty in all of God's creation.

Thelma said...

Did you see the whole field? My favorite thing in all the world to a cotton field, just before it is harvested. It is beyond a thing of beauty........"The fields are white unto harvest"........truly played out in living color. I can not look at cotton without thinking of how it looks just before harvested because of where I grew up. Miles and miles of white cotton waiting to be harvested. Your picture reminded me of that....not only is it the fabric of our lives....but that simple piece of cotton can be weaved into many tapestries and when the master gets ahold of the unfolds. Yeah.....that would preach......LOL. Look out my dear husband, your wifey has a message brewing now.....LOL.

Mrs. H said...

No, I did not see the whole field. Actually, there were just a few random cotton stalks (?) that had popped up along the roadside. I think that's what made the whole experience so unique - it seemed so out of place.
Wow - a whole field would be really neat. I'm "down south" so maybe next year I'll have to scout out a field.
Ooo... I like where you're going with your tapestry thought. Didja blog your message? ;)