Friday, November 28, 2008

stuff you learn around the Thanksgiving table

Reflections from my Thanksgiving holiday -
Children really do turn into their parents, for better or worse - and sometimes the "for worse" is far worse than the "for better."
Candles give off such a warm, pleasant glow, even when the conversation doesn't.
Newlyweds really are just too "newlywedish" sometimes. (Or maybe the rest of us "old marrieds" forget how to gush over each other and should try a little harder...)
When there's only one child at the table, all the attention is turned to them - for the "cute" and "not-so-cute" things she does.
Too much of a good thing is still too much.
Plastic silverware is still just plastic.
Elbow room can be overrated and unnecessary, sometimes.
Six months later, a missing person is still missed.
Sometimes it's best just to be quiet and shove another piece of bread in the mouth.
Despite imperfections, holidays really are for sharing together.

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HDMac said...

So very true!!
Many special moments can be shared around the holiday table... and many special moments can also be ruined around the holiday table... a good reminder to keep Christ as the guest at our tables....

I enjoyed this post... it actually has me thinking.... and remembering!