Monday, November 3, 2008

living for Jesus in school

I'm so encouraged this morning. I lead a small group of eighth grade girls on Sunday nights. They amaze me. Hopefully they're frightening Satan. These girls have decided they want to live for the Lord at their schools and are sharing praises about how God has opened doors to give them opportunities to share Christ with their classmates. One girl is in conversation about evolution vs. creation with a classmate (and, thank you God for your timing: a guest speaker we just had in to talk about Wicca brought with him The Evolution Handbook, which several of our students bought. My student has since come back and said that she's been able to pull things out to help her support creation while chatting with her friend). Another of my girls has been able to bring up "What do you believe?" at her lunch table full of people. This opened the door for some interesting discussion. In fact, it was great, I received a text message from her at noontime saying, "I'm talking about God at lunch again today!" The night before we had just been praying for the Lord to bring up opportunities for her, as she felt it was hard to know how to bring Him up. A third student was able to do a book report in front of the class on a Christian teen fiction book that talked about the rapture. So, she was able to share in front of a non-believing teacher and class of students, her beliefs on the Lord & His return one day!! In the beginning of the year, this student was down about what team of teachers she had at school, but God has already used her as a witness to her teachers this year. She's now thanking Him for being where she is.
It brings me to thankful tears. I love to see their "fire" for God. Our tag-line for our youth ministry is "Reflecting God's Love to Our World" - seeing some of our kids doing just that makes me want to jump up and shout!

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