Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Taking an idea from Lisa Writes today...

Things I should be doing:
~working (my filing job/from home) - been doing this, just taking a "break"
~mopping the kitchen floor - I got the bathrooms done yesterday!
~folding laundry - 2 loads done, just need to be folded!
~playing w/ Lynn - she's playing so well by herself this morning (why interrupt?!)

Things I am doing instead:
~reading blogs
~eating popcorn & chocolate pieces with my daughter

Things I wish I were doing:
~soaking in a hot tub
~reading a good book, guilt free

Things I am considering doing:
~baking dessert for tomorrow
~working (hey, it's got to get done - 25 more files to go!)

Things I will be doing in the near future/today:
~eating lunch when hubby gets home
~meeting some youth at a coffee shop this afternoon
~looking over recipes for tomorrow/Thanksgiving - I am bringing a dessert and a side dish for the family gathering at my sis-in-law's tomorrow
~calling my sis-in-law to finalize travel plans

What about you?

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HDMac said...

I should be working... taking a break...

One think I never do is shop the day after Thanksgiving... but I may break that tradition this year... JoAnns has snuggle flannel on sale for $1.49 a yard and another 20% off coupon for the total purchase... I am thinking that I need to go! I could use some flannel for my grandbabies!

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We all truly have so much to be thankful for....