Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - CLR version

Here's a couple of "before" and "afters" of my CLR Tackle It Tuesday!

Now, the "review:"
I thought that the CLR met, but didn't necessarily exceed my expectations. Most of what I cleaned could have been done with my regular cleaners... I have a (sort of) new fiberglass tub which doesn't have any rings or hard water stains, just the typical grime after sitting unused this weekend and not being cleaned for about a week before that. But, I did want to see how the CLR would do on my shower stand - it's plastic and had gross build up on that. It did wonderful! Normally I just spray straight bleach on that thing and it does the trick to spot clean it, but today I sprayed all up and down with the CLR and it came right off. I felt like I needed to be careful around bathroom countertops as we have laminate (the label says to be careful on plastic laminate - not sure if mine is plastic?). Anyways, I ended up using the same sponge to wipe down my counters, but didn't directly spray the CLR on them. Seemed to do fine. I love how the CLR shined up my kitchen sink and bathroom sinks, though. I definitely think it is the product to use on sinks and faucets! So, there you have it. I think I'll keep the CLR for my kitchen sink and probably my shower. However, I'll still just grab my regular cleaners (with a little less potent smell!) for my countertops and toilets.
Thank you, CLR, for a free bottle of your product!!

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Worked on my sink, too! Though I guess I really should clean it a little more often to avoid all the build up.