Monday, October 6, 2008

left, right. left, right, left.

Ah, crisp cool temperatures... I hear the high school marching band playing a Monday night football (?) halftime show (we live about half a mile from the h.s.)... brings back some fun high school memories. I too was in the marching band, actually a part of colonial flags unit (think large state flags of the thirteen original colonies, marching around in formations - that's us in the pic at a summer performance, not in normal uniforms, obviously). I really didn't care much for the actual games, so I remember marching in, goofing off and giggling with friends during the game (we had to sit all together as a band), and then doing the halftime show, then getting to the exciting "third quarter off." You know, so we could hit the snack shack and load up on candy or hot chocolate depending on how cold it was! - and that was after downing our "secret buddy bags" during the first half, that we had given each other before the game, lol. Ah, the good 'ole days!

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