Wednesday, October 8, 2008

food must not touch

You know those plates with the divided sections? I seriously believe that they created those for my daughter! She flips out over casseroles and I don't mean in a good way. "But it's all mixed up!" She whines. I'm making quiche for dinner tonight and gave her a piece of bacon to tie her over til it's done cooking. "Yum. I like the bacon. Does this mean we're having pancakes tonight too?" "Nooo," I say. "It's quiche, with bacon, eggs, & cheese, yum!" "I don't like all those things together!" was the response I received. However for any meal, she'd be ready to eat those ingredients separate - she loves cheesy eggs with bacon on the side. Oh well. I see picking bacon out of quiche in her future tonight b/c I'm sure not doing it. I'm looking forward to it all together in a wonderful flaky crust!

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My kids are picky too; except for my oldest. He will eat anything and everything I cook. My other three, not so much and sometimes not at all!