Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy follow up

Surgery went great! Lynn was such a trooper. Made it to 10:30a without too many "I'm hungry!" complaints. They gave her some drugs to totally loop her up while we were in the back "holding area." Within a matter of ten minutes, she went from holding on to me to limp in my arms, words slurring. I was glad for that - it made for an easy separation when they took her off to the operating room, however it was kinda scarey to see her like that! She went from fine to loopy in a matter of minutes. Yikes! My daughter's welfare was in the hands of the anesthesiologist and otolaryngologist (how's that for some big words ;-) So, they roll her back out of sight and we go back into the large waiting area of the children's hospital surgery area. The nurse called us from the OR twice during the surgery and then we spoke to the doctor once by phone afterwards and then he came out to talk to us. Everything was routine, but I really did appreciate the contact, even for a short surgery (not counting all the prep/recovery, the surgery itself only took about 15 minutes!) Doctor said they were the biggest tonsils he's ever taken out! Crazy! The blessing is that they weren't deep into the tissue and came out with minimal cutting. So, hopefully with a smaller wound surface area we'll have some quick healing :-) They moved us up to a room later (at this point it had been just about 3 hrs since we arrived that morning). Lynn ate four popsickles, two apple juices and sipped on water. So, by 4:30, with no dehydration fears, we got discharged! The nurses were amazed at how well she did and sent us off with surprised smiles. Ahhh - I didn't have to spend the night in the hospital! Woohoo! Both of us got our comfy home beds last night. She slept great. I checked on her last night and to see her sleeping soundly, with her mouth closed and no snoring - wow, I had to double check that it was my child and that she was still breathing! :-) Thank you for your prayers. God's hand was upon my kiddo. She's recovering well today. Chattering up a storm and eating everything soft that she can get her hands on. We just might be back to school by Friday!

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