Friday, September 12, 2008

go to the Lord for me?

Coveting your prayers for my family this weekend/next week. Couple of things...
1. Lynn goes in for a tonsillectomy on Monday. We don't have to be there until 10am, which is nice, but that means no food since midnight Sunday - that's a long time. I guess I'll let her stay up late, eating, then sleep in! They say recovery could take up to one week and that she may or may not spend the first night in the hospital. Yikes! I thought this was routine surgery. All that stuff makes it sound even scarier to this mommy!
2. Long story, but I'll try and make it short... I used to work 20 hrs/wk for a health system (hospital) 35 mins away, but with Nathan, I had quit a month before he was due (actually ended up being the week before he was delivered). After losing him, I decided not to go back w/ the department, but (a huge blessing here) they kept me on as "relief" status with the system at my current rate of pay (pretty good). This means I fill in for various needs around the health system (administrative stuff) when I want to. I've averaged about 3 days per month this summer b/c my schedule was so hectic. I'm hoping for more like 2 days/wk now. Well... a permanent 36-hrs/wk position has come available in a doctor's office only 10 mins. away (if that). They called to ask me if I would fill in until they find someone, which I am eager to do. I was wondering though if I should consider the position permanently. BUT, that's a HUGE amount of hours compared to now, when I work maybe one day a week for 4-6 hrs. I'm so torn... there's really no reason to be at home w/out the baby. My daughter's in school now, so my day's are filled blogging, reading, and well, house stuff & errands (which has been a huge luxury and so very nice!). I also help my hubby at least one day a week in the office. With this job, hubby would need to pick up our daughter & keep her until I get home. He could adjust his schedule for the most part to do this, so that's not too huge a deal. Sooooo... while the money would be nice (we just bought a new/used car! credit card debt! etc!), it'd be a big switch w/ inconveniences for the family. So that leads me to prayer... Right now, I'll be filling in there (starting a week after Lynn's surgery). My plan is to see how it goes, how I like the position/people and how our family does for that amount of time. If all goes well, then I assume I'd be able to apply for it. However, my prayer is to know His plan.
3. Another job option... I'd love to do this... keep my relief status, filling in a few days a week/month for the health system and then also do a work-from-home job. A friend referred me to a local company that is looking for people to, in a nutshell, organize delinquent mortgage files. I called the company and she said she was looking for 10 people and had just hired her 10th person that week. But, we chatted awhile and she said she'd evaluate her needs, considering hiring an 11th person/me. She said some employees were looking for f/t jobs, so they might drop out from her job, etc. She's to call me on Oct. 1 to reevaluate where she is and if I'm still looking for work. The job requires about 20-25 hrs/wk. Perfect! From my home - perfect! Not needing an extra computer/program or telephone/fax - perfect! No set hours - perfect! So, there's my problem. I want this one, but it's not available. Do I wait on it? Do I apply for the full time one above? Err....
Asking for your prayers!! Thanks! :-)

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HDMac said...

Just want you to know that I will lift you in prayer.... and praying that God will show you His will.... I am in need of that prayer myself! :) My DH is on strike with Boeing and yesterday my boss cut my hours in half due to the economy.... so it is going to be rough here and need to just calm myself and trust trust trust God.

In Christ,