Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a sad, but exciting goodbye

My little girl just started kindergarten today! We woke up early (although, we didn't have enough time so tomorrow will have to be earlier!), I packed her lunch, and my hubby and I drove her to school. She's attending a private/Christian school, so I'll have to drive her each day. She's attended five-day morning preschool for the past two years, but something about today was different. I now have my days to myself, hm, whatever will I do? ;-) I will be working a few days a month, so that'll give me something to do. Otherwise, I'll just have to surf and blog all day. I guess this means there is no excuse for not having dinners planned out now! :-)
This quiet time will definitely make me think of Nathan more often. This was going to be our time together. I miss you, little Nat-man!
Is it 2:45pm yet?......

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