Thursday, August 28, 2008

ever ridden in a cab?

Surfing around blog land again this morning and found myself reading "Cabs are for Kissing." A whole world I've never been a part of (cabs, that is, not kissing) ;-)
What interesting stories. I've not been to NYC nor been in a cab, but man, the stories he tells sure do paint a picture of life in the big city. (One I'd rather visit and not reside in!) Honestly, I can't imagine relying on cabs to go places. I can't picture not hopping in your car to drive yourself to work, etc. Now I am all for public transportation (buses, trains, planes), but those have a posted schedule and you plan in advance to use one. I'm just not accustomed to the idea of a taxi as a main mode of transportation... to flagging one down when needed... maybe it's cool to have service on hand like that. Maybe I should take a trip and find out! :-)

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