Friday, August 1, 2008

almost newlyweds

Just helped my sister in law move her stuff into her fiancee's house last night. They get married in one week and it just brings back all those pre-wedding emotions & events from my wedding seven years ago. I wouldn't rewind time even if I could! All those first-year issues. I remember hubby and I actually argued over the toothpaste tube. Yes, how cliche, huh? We were both choosing that moment to be so stubborn and actually argue whether the tube should be rolled up (it was half empty) or kept straight. I would squeeze it straight and he wanted it rolled up as it was used. How amusing now, although it wasn't at the time. We actually had two tubes of toothpaste at one point, just so we could do our own thing! Anyone have any ridiculous arguments your first year of marriage?

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