Sunday, October 7, 2007


I was getting ready to brush my teeth the other night with my electric toothbrush and after applying the toothpaste & turning it on, I discovered that it was not full of power. It's battery was winding down and needed to be put back on the charger. It took so much longer to brush that night. Because it wasn't humming along at top speed, it seemed that I had to take more time just to brush my teeth the normal amount of coverage. It got me thinking about how we, as humans, need our "batteries" recharged sometimes. For example, as a mom, some days all I hear is "mommy, I need this" or "mommy where's this?" or "insert any whine here." It totally runs down my energy! Where do I go to refill? Well, I could go a variety of places - a trip out to St*rbucks for a Double Chocolate Chip Frap. or escaping into a novel are two of my (failed) favorite attempts to recharge. But, what leaves me truly recharged and ready to attack the next round of whines (or chores or out-of-the-house job demands) is time with the Lord. Spending time reading His Word and time in prayer are what leave me emotionally high and content. Let's work on filling up with the True source and no imitations. (Then after we've had our time with Him, we can go to St*rbucks for a treat!)

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