Sunday, September 23, 2007

first camper experience (sorta)

My inlaws came to visit this weekend and brought my hubby's grandfather along as well. We have a three bedroom (small) house and so granddad slept in our guest room and since my inlaws have a (air conditioned) pop up camper and we have a large yard, they brought the camper and slept outside. My daughter had a ball! She called it the "little house." "Let's go play in the little house. I want to sleep out in the little house. Etc." Cute. She did sleep outside in it last night and had a blast. I never camped growing up (except at girl scout camp) and thought the idea was neat as well. Who knows, maybe we'll take a family trip and borrow their camper for a weekend! Hubby would be excited at my desire to go camping and "roughing it.";-)

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