Sunday, August 26, 2007

when it rains, it pours

We have been buying parts for our one ('89) car and scheduled it to be in the shop this weekend. So, hubby and I are sharing one car - no big deal, until... I go out to start that one ('05) car and it won't start! Battery, you think, no problem, easy fix. Nope. Battery's great, it's something electrical, as we can't even get our code reader to work. Click click click. Here's the kicker - it's after 5pm on a Saturday. Not only is the service shop closed at our local car dealer/service dept. (so they can't get us a rental), all car rental places in the area are closed, so we couldn't even get one ourselves. We called our roadside assistance program to have it towed to the dealer for Monday, as our car's still under warranty, and they say it's the car dealer's responsibility to get us a rental. So, I ask, what happens in this situation when someone's traveling out of town and their car breaks down after hours? Has this not happened before? I guess you go to a hotel until Monday morning? I mean really. We were fortunate that we were at home and even more fortunate that we could borrow a car from a friend. In fact, once a second friend heard of our troubles, they lent us a car as well. Now we will each have a car on Sunday for church (hubby goes to both services, as he's on staff) and on Monday for both of our works. Our other car should be done by Tues or Wed. and we'll see when the "dead" car gets done. So, (looking for the "thanksgiving" here) praise the Lord for generous friends!

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