Friday, August 17, 2007

how do you speak?

"Love, prayer, and praise is the breath of every soul that is truly born of God. By these, spiritual life is not only sustained but increased day by day." -John Wesley

Do your words speak only of love, prayer, and praise? Consider how we speak to our children and family members. Do you affirm God's love and give Him thanks and praise for things He gives us? Do you model that to your children, daily? The rain that fell this morning caused my daughter and I to stop and give praise to God for His blessing of the rain we so desperately need. (If had lasted just a bit longer, we would've ran outside and danced in it) :-)

When we are far from God in our personal relationship, I think that it comes out in the ways we speak to our children and family members. We tend to have less patience. We are more authoritative and less likely to come alongside them to help, encourage, and reaffirm. Too often we resort to losing patience and yelling, breaking down their spirit.

Love, prayer, and praise should be as natural to us and breathing, if we are a Christian/filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe it does take work, though. Naturally, we tend towards sin and fleshly desires. But, the more we practice loving, praying, and praising, the more natural it will become, and as Wesley says our spiritual life will increase day by day.

That would be my goal - I want to not just sustain, but increase in my spiritual life daily. I want the breath of my soul (and words from my mouth) to be love, prayer, and praise!

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