Monday, July 2, 2007


I was reading Julie's latest post at Living by Grace tonight and her thoughts about prayer were really good. I wanted to quote you part of what she said:

"Prayer is a two sided conversation, with you talking and God listening and then God talking and you listening. Prayer feels amazing when you really do it, because it genuinely changes things."

It's amazing how hard it is to incorporate listening with prayer (and I am guilty of not doing this at times as well)! However, prayer truly is a conversation and too many times we forget to reciprocate and allow God to speak to our heart. We think we do "good" to squeeze that time in and read our Bible and maybe remember to send up some requests, but are we really doing all that "good" if we don't listen in return and give God a chance to answer that prayer? or listen for Him to lead us to pray for something/one else? Sometimes in the quiet moment of prayer, God will lay someone on my heart and I in turn pray for them or call them in that moment if He leads me to. It is so very rewarding to be used by God in that way. IF we're open to the Spirit, He will communicate w/ us and we will have the chance to be changed or impact another's life to be changed. Just a thought.

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Julie Fink said...

Good post my friend.