Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my baby girl...

turned 4 this weekend! My how time flies! One of her presents was a doll that talks - when I first squeezed the hand to make it talk, she was in shock. "Mama, I love you. Mama, I'm hungry." It covers all the basics :-) Anyways, she's not really been into dolls, but my aunt sent this as a surprise, and she's really enjoyed it so far. She's fed it, tucked it in her doll bed, etc. She also got a box of 101 pretend food items. It is so hilarious to see what they included. Some of the more random things I saw in the set was a Pringles potato chip, a flat white circle of stuff that I believe is supposed to be mashed potatoes, a crescent roll, a can of rhubarb, and a can of "milk chocolate digestive biscuits." Weird. I wonder where these things were made?

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Lisa writes... said...

Milk chocolate digestive biscuits?!?! Weird, to be sure!

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