Saturday, July 21, 2007


Well, as a follow-up for all my "girl stuff" post readers, I did get my hair cut, actually waaaayyy cut! Like, chopped off, and I love it! However, I did this while out of town from my hubby and the poor guy will get the shock of his life when he sees me Monday! teehee. What is it w/ long hair and guys anyways? ;-) But, that's not why I'm writing -

I must cave in and admit defeat on a few things. 1. Minivans really aren't all that bad. I still don't want to drive one daily, but I have to admit that they can haul a bunch of people and their things! Very convenient. 2. It IS important/convenient to be able to check your home phone messages while you are away. I laughed at this feature thinking who really ever calls me that will be that important that I'll have to check messages while I'm on vacation? (b/c those that are important have my cell number or are on vacation w/ me!)... however, I missed a call while away last week about a part time job that I've applied for. God planned it well, however, and they asked, in the message, if I could interview at a certain time and it will work out perfectly! I just didn't get to confirm w/ the gal and now it's the weekend and I can't get a hold of her. Last, and, probably a common confession for many blogger writers/readers: 3. I actually had computer withdrawl when I had to go w/out it the past two days! Yikes, That's horrible. However, now it's back and I'm back and I can get back to this blogging stuff again. ;-)

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