Thursday, July 5, 2007

2 down, 1 to go?

Weelllll... if it weren't for some of my neighbors shooting off fireworks at their house last night, I wouldn't have seen any! We had just settled dear daughter down at her place at the table with side dish stuff on her plate, then gone outside to take the steaks off the grill... when we came back inside, the poor thing had thrown up all over herself, the table, floor, etc. EW. So, anyways, I guess she's got whatever hubby had. (So, I hope that this doesn't mean I'm next! Nooooo....) I didn't feel much like eating after that and was really bummed not to go to the fireworks, but the night ended ok as hubby and I stepped outside to see if we could see the town fireworks from our house and found a couple of neighbors shooting them off instead. The night was gorgeous w/ a slight breeze and the fresh air and fireworks show was just enough to brighten my night.

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