Friday, June 29, 2007


So many things rolling around in my head tonight... weird job interview this morning (I'm looking for p/t work)... tired of whiny child-talk this afternoon (why I'm looking for p/t work - just kidding!! the reason, is of course, money :-)... humidity-induced sinus pressure evening... sooo thankful & feeling the need to "praise up" my blessings after just reading Especially Heather's blog late tonight. I'll dwell on the latter one, since no one wants to hear about whiny children or headaches! :-)

Ok, now that I've been staring at a blinking cursor for a few minutes, I'll try and form words for my thoughts. What an incredible witness Heather is. I pray that the Lord will use her testimony to bring others to Him. Even though it seems as the past few years have been "Job-like" (check out the book of Job in the Bible) in her life, Heather's blog is filled with the hope that she finds in Jesus. My human/flesh wants to cry out "why?" Why would one family have to endure so much? A daughter with a rare disease, only to be topped with cancer this year for herself. Heather goes on to share that these trials have brought her closer to God - that they have made her cling to Him. How hard it is to praise Him despite the storm, but I lift my hat to Heather for doing just that.

Talking about everyone now; this statement is not about Heather's life, but rather my own and others... it's amazing how we need God so close during the trials and forget Him when He's raised us up out of the valley. I recently have been lifted out of a valley and feel the pull to forget about my Bible and prayer time for the day because life is going "smoothly." What a shame: that idea/thought is exactly what Satan wants and what I so desperately need to resist! The truth is that we NEED God all the time. Without His grace, His wisdom, His mercy, His faithfulness (I could go on and on) life would be full of despair and hopelessness.

I really am quite tired tonight so I'm not sure if this post is coming out clearly, but I want to say thank you to Heather for pointing out my daily need for God, despite life's either "smooth" or "quicksand" circumstances. Let's praise Him when things are good and thank Him for being near when things are bad!

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