Monday, June 25, 2007

power of a thunderstorm

Ever notice how powerful storms can be? You can hear their approach with the distant thunder, eventually see flashing of lightening, then comes the rain. Sometimes we can miss the first two if we aren't paying attention or are distracted by the tv or music in the background. However, when it starts pouring rain, we inevitably notice it's raining! That reminds me of the storms of life, as well. Sometimes we think we've got everything under control, but don't notice the thunder or lightening creeping up on us. It's not till we're totally drenched that we realize, "Man - I'm wet! When did it start raining? I'm not prepared - I don't have an umbrella or jacket." Or, in spiritual/life terms, "When did things start start going downhill? How did I get into trouble?"
I urge you to stand alert - keep ears and eyes open for the storms of life. "Pray unceasingly" for wisdom to avoid the storms. But, when they come, "take heart for He (Jesus) has overcome the world!" (John 16:33)

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